Massimiliano Vignolo

(+39) 010 2099506, interno 59506



Lunedì ore 13-15 studio del docente, via Balbi 30, 7° piano


Altre informazioni

Short CV

1997 Master Degree in Philosophy, University of Genoa, Italy
1998-99 Diplôme d'Études Superiéures, University of Geneva, Switzerland
2001/2 Visiting student at the University of Stanford, USA
2004 PhD in Philosophy of Language, University of Eastern Piedmont
Current position:
Associate Professor in Philosophy of Language, Department of Philosophy, University of Genoa, Italy
Research areas:
Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Methodology of Philosophy

List of publications

Authored books:
- Afferrare Pensieri, Carocci, Roma, 2001
- Use against Scepticism, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, 2009
- with M. Frixione, and S. Iaquinto, Introduzione alle Logiche Modali, Laterza, Roma, 2016
- with M. Frixione, Filosofia del Linguaggio, Mondadori, Firenze, 2018

Edited books:
- with M. Beaney, and C. Penco (eds.), Explaining the Mental, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, 2007
- with M. C. Amoretti, Disaccordo, Annuario della Società Italiana di Filosofia Analitica (SIFA), Mimesis, Milano, 2012

Papers in Italian:
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- (2002) The following entries of the Dizionario delle Opere, Bompiani, 2005: “The Meaning of Meaning” by C. K. Ogden, and A. Richards, “The Concept of Mind” by G. Ryle, “The Foundation of Empiricism” by A. Ayer, “Language, Truth and Logic” by A. Ayer
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Papers in English:
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